3 Preparation for Installing Your Own Wall Wallpaper

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Wall Wallpaper is a decoration in the form of wallpaper that has a variety of motifs and colors. Wall wallpapers are now widely used to change the atmosphere of the room when renovations are made. Besides the workmanship is fast and does not take too long and protracted, the application of Wallpaper Walls does not cause any odor. So when the wall wallpaper installation is finished, the room can be enjoyed immediately. In the meantime, if you feel like to be a professional handyman, just check out how to get a handyman license in florida .

1. Equipment preparation

Plastic Pedestal.
Yarns and ballast.
Tub / Bucket Stir Glue 2 pieces (1 large and 1 small).
Glue Brush.
Putty knife.
Mica / Acrylic.
Wallpaper to be installed.

2. Wall Investigation

Before installing Wallpaper Walls, it’s a good idea to conduct an investigation of the Wall to be installed. Is there a leak? or water seepage? If YES, then you must first tidy up the leak. You can use leak-proof paint like Aquaproof or other brands to coat your walls before sticking to Wall Wallpaper. Because Wall Wallpapers will not last long if the Wall is damp and leaked. The second is Tembok which is Mushroom. If the Wall is to be fitted with Mushrooms, you must first do an anti-fungal painting. So that the fungus does not spread on the Wall Wallpaper.

3. Make Glue Wallpaper Right

The third step is to prepare Glue Wallpaper. Take the first big bucket, fill it with enough water depending on how much roll is installed. You might try 3 – 5 liters first (Don’t use HOT WATER). Sprinkle the Glue powder slowly with the condition of the water being stirred quickly. After feeling more thick and heavy. Let stand for about 10 minutes.

Take a smaller Bak / Ember, then fill it with enough water. Sprinkle the Glue powder and make the Glue thicker than the previous one. This very thick glue will be used on the sides of the wall and on the joint. To be more durable and durable.

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