Besides Hajj, Here Are Some Places For Religious Tourism That Are In Arabic

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Maybe, you are already familiar with the Hajj which is usually done by Muslims in Saudi Arabia. Many Muslims go there to worship. However, not infrequently also, some of them prefer to learn Arabic first before going there. The goal is to easily communicate and focus more on worship. In fact, many of them do it online Arabic learning. This method will really save you time.

However, it turns out that not only is the Hajj held in Arabic, there are several other religious tours that you can also do there, of course by learning Arabic first.

– Masjidil Haram
This place is one of the main destinations for Hajj and Umrah people. Located in the center of Mecca, the Grand Mosque is the holiest place for Muslims because of the Kaaba. The Haram Mosque is also the most popular mosque, so it will always be crowded even though it is not the Hajj season.

– Jabal Rahmah
In the pilgrimage, Padang Arafat is one of the most important places, because it is the place for the pilgrims to attend. This place is very historic and memorable. Here, Prophet Adam and Eve were first reunited after being expelled from heaven.
Unfortunately, the monument in Jabal Rahmah is full of scribbles. You don’t participate in vandalism.

– Mount Uhud
Mount Uhud is in the north of Medina with a height of about 350 meters. Mount Uhud is one of the locations of the great war between Muslims and the Quraysh army. The war that occurred in 15 Shawwal 3 Hijrah or March 625 AD was known as the Battle of Uhud.
In addition to the martyr’s tomb, another historical place in the region is the Al-Fash Mosque. The Prophet had offered the midday prayer after the Battle of Uhud was finished at the mosque.

It would be better indeed when you visit there by understanding their language so that you can be easier on the visit.

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