Fasting and Yoga for Comprehensive Detoxification

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Detoxification / Detox is an act of self-cleaning by removing excess deposits of waste and poisons that have accumulated in the body for years. Most of the toxins in our body come from Food and Beverages (ie preservatives, coloring agents, junk food, foods that are too fatty or too much sugar, alcohol, caffeine), cigarettes, air pollution, pesticides, etc. that are identical in style life is not healthy. Actually, every day our body has done a regular and natural detoxification process, namely through urine and feces. In addition, the body has also been equipped with a sophisticated set of ‘detox organs’, which function to remove toxins, including the liver. Has two functions, as a regulator of metabolism and also as a detoxification organ. The liver is tasked with filtering out toxins into the body through food or the environment and turning them into a form that can be used by the body, storing it, or throwing it away to prevent poisoning. According to the Serenity Recovery Center, Hati has the duty to handle alcohol, drugs, poisons, and caffeine that enter the body and turn it into a form that can be removed by the body.

The second is a kidney. Function to filter out the remaining toxins from the blood and dispose of it in the form of urine. The kidneys are also responsible for keeping fluids in the body in the right amount and regulating the balance of potassium and sodium so that the fluids in the body flow properly. If the blood contains too much poison and garbage, the kidneys must work hard. If the kidneys are not optimal in carrying out their duties, the body becomes sluggish, lethargic, and easily hurts. As for lymph nodes, this system acts as a ‘waste disposal facility’ for the body. Lymph fluid, which is produced by lymph nodes in various parts of the body will absorb dead cells, excess fluid and other waste products and bring them to the lymph nodes. Here the remaining ingredients are filtered and finally put into the blood and then flowed to one of the exhaust systems: skin, liver or kidneys to be removed from the body. Included with the skin is the body’s most extensive organ and serves many important functions in the body. The skin becomes a clue about what is happening in the body. Pale, radiant, fresh or yellow skin is an indication of the condition of our body. As a discharging organ, although not as important as the liver, kidneys, or lymph nodes, semi-permeable skin functions as a ‘large filter’ which is responsible for removing large amounts of waste products from the body through sweat. If the function of other disposal organs is disrupted, the skin will be affected by health.

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