Know the Beauty of Selong Belanak Beach Here

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Investment may have been done by many people, especially property investment. Many people do it because these investments tend to be low risk but have many advantages. One place that is often used as a strategic location for property investment is Lombok, especially Selong Belanak. No wonder, if now there are our website which are used as choices in investing property.

Selong Belanak itself is one of the beaches that is always crowded with tourists, both domestic and international tourists. If you are still familiar with this beach, then the beauty of this beach you should know well.

In the world of Lombok tourism, the Selong Belanak echo as a beach tourism destination is indeed not as popular as Senggigi Beach in West Lombok or Kuta Beach (Central Lombok). In fact, this beach has a very beautiful and enchanting natural landscape. Also supported with complete facilities and a smooth access point. It is suitable to be used as a family vacation destination, weekend getaway, or refreshing when there is a quiet time.

This beach located in Central Lombok has very soft sand. Slightly different from the beaches around it or those in Central Lombok, which are larger in size than beach sand in general. Because the size is quite large, many call beach sand in Central Lombok “pepper sand.”

The beauty of this beach is increasingly felt when we throw ourselves into the clear and clean sea water. The condition of a sloping beach and waves that are not too large make it very suitable as a family vacation destination, because the waves there are not dangerous for children. The wide beach lips make anyone free to play on it, even when visiting a beach this is booming on weekends or during the holiday season. Not only is it vast, Selong Belanak Beach is also famous for having a fairly long coastline, decorated with green hills around it. The scenery looks exotic and beautiful.

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