Options You Have for the Use of Client Wifi

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In this information era, easy access to data and information can be done from anywhere. In the era before, when the WiFi network was still considered impossible, the connection to exchange data from one device to another using a data cable. Just call your office computer first using only a coaxial network cable to connect to other computers or to the server. Get wlan RF site survey in addition so that the wifi you install will work with the best speed. What kinds of wifi adapters can be used?

wifi PCI adapter

Most old desktop computers have not yet installed a wifi device, except the new computer has almost installed a wifi adapter on board. For computers that have not yet installed wifi, you have two choices, namely a practical wifi USB adapter or installing a wireless PCI adapter device. The disadvantage of the wifi PCI adapter is that we have to open the company’s terminal first to install it in the motherboard PCI slot. Its advantages are very safe from irresponsible theft of hands, especially in offices.

USB wifi adapter

The most practical is a wifi USB adapter that can be easily installed in a USB port that is still empty, easy to use and easy to troubleshooting if a problem occurs. Well, compared to PCI, USB wifi is more susceptible to being lost if installed in an office area that many people pass by.

Your mobile device

Who does not have a smartphone today, almost all family members at home have an Android or iOS device as a means of communication and social media and surfing in all activities for school, culinary or other social activities.

Camera device

Besides that, camera monitoring is now equipped with a wifi connection device to facilitate connection to the internet network at home, office or anywhere. However, for strong connection requirements, many cameras prefer the POE connection for data communication and power.

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