Signs When Your Job Is Compatible With Yourself

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In the workplace, there are rules, customs, norms, and values that are fair and in accordance with our conscience. If it is contradictory, it can make us less enjoy the work. In the meantime, perhaps you should also check out the recommended direct gov jobs.

Have a good boss and subordinate

There is no more beautiful job if our superiors and subordinates are the best and happy people. If we are wrong, the boss will help repair and remind the people. In working the boss protects and subordinates provide good moral and spiritual support.

Sustainable Permanent Work

The work involved must provide certainty in the future. Our employment status must be able to become permanent employees after serving for a certain period of time. Not continuously as a contract employee, employee or outsourcer.

Give awards if they have worked well

How nice it would be if the work we had done well was appreciated by the company. If we work fully if we are valued the same as people who work mediocre, then we cannot be passionate about working optimally.

Making Our Families Proud

Our families at home and outside the home also have to agree with the work we are currently working on. It will be very problematic if our profession and place of work are opposed by family and the general public.

Does Not Often Cause Conflict / Problems

If as long as we work it always raises problems for complicated problems, so we should ask to move parts or if we need to find another job. Conflicts/problems that arise can damage the concentration of work and concentration outside of work so that it can make our lives less happy.

Do not want to find another job

The most important thing in determining a suitable job or not for ourselves is the desire to change jobs. If the feeling is there then surely the job is not suitable. But if there is no sense of desire, then it means we already feel suitable to work in our workplace. It is different if you do not want to find another job because there is no other work that you can get or work because you are forced by the situation.

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