Sweet and Simple Minimalist Bathroom Design

Monday , 7, January 2019 Leave a comment

In fact, the International Building Performance Standards Agency has determined that one of the items that must be fulfilled so that the building is said to be good is the high quality of the bathroom. In the past, the bathroom was considered as an essentially non-essential space — though functionally very useful — so that it was always behind. However, nowadays the bathroom has experienced a shift in location in the layout of a building. Bathrooms that were always behind the main building, or even separated from the main building, can now be placed anywhere, even in the room. The luxury vinyl plank image that is expected from a bathroom has changed to be nice, beautiful, clean and luxurious.

At present many houses have placed the position of the bathroom side by side with the living room, family room, and even placed in the bedroom. Therefore, there needs to be an arrangement that is right for the bathroom. Structuring not only relates to the location of the bathroom but also deals with aspects of planning utilities (piping and waterways) as well as lighting and airing systems. In terms of comfort, the bathroom must also be designed according to the function of the building, human ergonomics, and the interests of the user. Well, you want to renovate a bathroom? Or want to add a new bathroom to your house?

This bathroom features simplicity that is stylish and neatly arranged. There are various kinds of themes and effects that you can use to give a unique look. For example, splashes of color, glass, bricks, sparkling chrome accessories, and simple furniture. About the color, this bathroom can look bold and brilliant with a funky touch, or calm and natural by relying on calm colors and simple accessories as key elements.

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