These are the Three Mistakes of Public Speakers You Must Avoid

Thursday , 27, December 2018 Leave a comment

Speaking in front of many people is not something that is easy. You have to do it right so that everyone is not bored and still wants to listen to your speech. However, there are indeed many ways that you must do in order to become a proper and professional public speaker. One of them is by listening to short motivational speeches. This method will obviously help you in learning the right public speaking.

However, unfortunately, there are still some public speaker people who still make mistakes in delivering their speeches. Some of the mistakes they made must always be avoided. Some of the errors in question are

1. Repeat the word
Not infrequently a speaker at an event will experience nervousness. Although the speaker often made public speeches, it did not rule out the possibility that if a speaker could stutter immediately or often repeat the same words. Many things can be the cause, one of which is an atmosphere that does not support, physical conditions that are less fit or material that is not ready.

2. Talk too fast
A speaker who experiences a period of nervousness when speaking in public, often uttering various words or sentences very quickly. This, of course, will cause a lot of question marks and is difficult to be understood by listeners. To overcome this, try taking a breath and calm your heart. Try to master the situation more. You must be brave to be in control when the event takes place.

3. Speak in a monotonous tone
Voice intonation in delivering information is very important. Emphasis on each important point is made so that information can be conveyed correctly. Do not because you are nervous, the tone of your voice becomes disturbed and you will talk more in a monotonous voice that has no meaning.

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