Use of Encryption for Cyber Security

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There are two different times and places where data needs to be protected from the threat of online thieves, namely: In storage (silent data) and when sending (moving data). Meanwhile, check out theĀ logme once system if you want to get an excellent security measure for your gadgets and computers.

1. Stored data includes data stored in files on all types of devices: drives installed on desktop computers, connected to servers, drives on laptops, and storage on tablets, virtual drives/storage, smartphones, and other mobile devices. Data on USB and other portable drives also need to be encrypted. In the case of mobile devices, laptops, USB memory, and portable drives, data encryption offers protection if the device is lost and also if stolen or hacked. Many operating systems currently include encryption capabilities, thus protecting files that are stored easily enough.

2. Moving data includes all data sent over the network, either via email, file transfer, or other means. Virtual private networks allow users to remotely access corporate networks and encrypt all communications during the session. There are applications that support email, SMS, and secure file transfers. Usually, it can be fulfilled by using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology.

The standardization of this technology has been carried out in America by issuing (Federal Information Processing Standard) FIPS 140-2 which requires developers to get certification so that their products are recognized as part of a security solution.

Some of the algorithms used to meet this standard are:


ESET Encryption Solution is one of the many applications in encryption technology. File and Folder Level Encryption (FLE) and Full Disk Encryption (FDE). Supported by encryption capabilities that are high in level with those used by the Military (Military Grade), for example:

AES 256 bits
256-bit SHA
Blowfish 128 bits
RSA 1024 bits
AES 128 bits
Triple DES 112 bits

This technology is one of the most powerful defense systems to protect data from data theft carried out by cybercriminals and attacks from enemy insiders in blankets that can infiltrate at any time. From the user side, IT practitioners in the company are facilitated in its settings, thanks to a centralized management system as the main management control that can be controlled remotely or mobile.

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